Our Cause:

Training and empowerment
»Underprivileged Community

Skill development in PPP model

(In association with Central   & State Government)
Aagaz Foundation is keen on skill development in the city   through public-private participation and aims to train  10,000   people in next fiscal.
Mumbai being a dream city for job opportunity for many,   we are looking at skill development, including banking finance   services sector, knowledge skills among others etc.
We are having a partnership with ERP Corporation Pvt. Ltd.,   which will not only help in the training process but also in   employment. We are expecting to train 10,000 persons in   financial year 2017.
People have migrated to different parts of the world as well   as the country for job opportunities, however, the  international   standards are constantly increasing and there is a need to upgrade   the skills as well, hence this is a small step that Aagaz Foundation is   taking towards helping the society.

Corporate CSR Management


National Festival Celebrations with the   underprivileged.

The underprivileged are often deprived of the small joys   of life. Aagaz Foundation strives to reach out to the such   community and spread the joy by celebration National   festivals with them.

Natural Disasters Response

When natural disasters and humanitarian crises strike, communities are often devastated and left vulnerable, having little access to some of life’s essentials, such as food, clean water, shelter, and basic services. While they must deal with the tragic loss of human life and property, they also have to face the uncertainty of seeing their livelihoods destroyed or severely affected.

Aagaz Foundation strives to lessen the impact of disasters and crises by:

  • Preparing for Disasters
  • Providing Emergency Relief
  • Assisting Disaster Recovery, Reconstruction, and Mitigation
  • Strengthening Community Responses to Natural Disasters
  • Aiding victims of humanitarian crises